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Are Potatoes Gluten-Free?

Are potatoes gluten-free?


Watch this video to understand why I say mostly.

The potato is gluten-free. So is the sweet potato.
The baked potato is gluten-free. So are mashed potatoes.

But you can’t always trust French fries to be gluten-free because they may be dusted with flour or given a flour-based coating to make them crispy.

When you eat out at a restaurant or food truck, the fries are likely cooked in a fryer where other flour coated foods are fried too. So they get gluten that way too. (Ask if they have a dedicated gf fryer or some other method for keeping them safe)

Oreida tater tots, fries, hash-browns, and breakfast potatoes are gluten free. (yay!)

So you can safely have fries or breakfast potatoes or hash-browns at home…

Scalloped potatoes can easily be gluten-free if you make them at home…but they may well end up with gluten in them if made by relatives or at a restaurant.

You have to watch out for the other ingredients that are mixed in with dishes like scalloped potatoes. But it is absolutely possible to make almost any potato based dish gluten-free.

Oreida makes several French fries that are gluten free including crinkle fries and steak fries. Look on the bag to verify they are gluten free. These are available in the freezer aisle of most grocers nationwide.

Alternatively, you can find gluten free tater tots from regional and local gluten free food makers. Check Whole Foods or your local natural food market for options.

So yes, potatoes are gluten-free. But watch out for French fries, tater tots, and potato based dishes where other ingredients may be added that are not gluten-free.

I’m James Shirley with Happy Gluten Free. Thanks for joining me.

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