Gluten-Free for Beginners

Where to Find Gluten Free Foods in the Grocery

What we are going to do is walk a new path through the grocery together. And after you’ve done this a few times, well, you’re brain will already be settling into a new ‘auto-pilot’ mode…

May Contain Gluten

4 Foods That Contain Gluten (The First One May Surprise You!)

Having to suddenly transform your child’s diet to be gluten-free is kind of like having to learn how to ride a bike without the help of training wheels…These tips will help you get rolling and avoid a few pitfalls along the way. Gluten is a sneaky one…and by that I mean that gluten can be […]

Cooking & Baking Gluten-Free for Beginners

Will Gluten Free Flour Thicken a Sauce

The question inevitably comes up if you are eating (or serving) gluten-free: what can I use to thicken gravy or sauce or stew… Most recipes call for flour as a thickening agent. But gluten-free flour does NOT always work well (in my experience)… The reason it does not work well is because a) most gf […]

Restaurants & Social Eating

Starbucks Gluten Free Options

Does Starbucks have a gluten free menu? Find out here…

Gluten-Free Foods May Contain Gluten

Are Cheerios Gluten Free?

General Mills hit some headwinds when people started getting sick from GF Cheerios…

Gluten-Free for Beginners

How to Tell if a Food Is Gluten-Free

I just finished updating one of the most popular (in terms of page-views) posts on this website – our post on gluten-free infant and toddler foods – and it brought up something that’s important to share… It’s the question of how to tell if a food is gluten-free… There’s really only one totally safe and […]

Kid Friendly

4 Fun & Gluten-Free Ways to Use Whipped Cream

We use whipped cream a lot of different ways at our house… Recently, while visiting a restaurant in Crested Butte, Colorado, we came across the most creative use for whipped cream yet (we’ll share it below!) In this post, you’ll find some fun and delicious ways to use whipped cream plus we’ve also started an […]

Gluten-Free Foods

Is Mayonnaise Gluten-Free?

Ready to make a gluten-free sandwich…and you’re wondering if mayonnaise is gluten-free? Making a potato salad to bring to the barbecue? Preparing a French dish that includes fries for dinner? If so, you might be wondering if mayonnaise is gluten-free. Watch this short video to find out the gluten-free status of mayo and what brands […]

Gluten-Free for Beginners Family Life

5 Tips for Raising Gluten-Free Kids

Practical Tips For Raising Your Child Gluten-Free I’ll keep this short and to the point… Raising your child gluten-free is no easy task… So we put together some helpful tips to help you stay sane – at least until your kid turns teenager and never wants your help anymore! Routinely make lunch for your kid […]

Gluten-Free Foods Resources

Gluten-Free Ingredient May Cause Allergic Reaction

A popular legume used in other countries is showing up in more U.S. gluten-free products. A Kansas State University food safety specialist explains why people with peanut and soybean allergies need to be cautious. Source: IMPORTANT – especially for those with kids in classrooms where there is a nut allergy… “Lupin is a yellow-colored […]