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3 Things To Do if Your Celiac Child Eats Gluten

A gut wrenching feeling comes over you… This ball of fear builds up inside and slowly fills you with dread.  That’s the sort of feeling I get when I (we) realize that my daughter got gluten.  For her, there is anxiety and fear…but it is her own experience that I cannot describe. There’s sometimes a […]

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Are French Fries Gluten-Free?

What’s the big deal about french fries being gluten-free? Fries are made from potatoes… Potatoes = gluten-free…right? Well, sometimes. Maybe. It depends. Engineered Fries Vs. Potatoes There are a lot of fries out there… Fast food fries, restaurant fries, store bought fries, and homemade fries. The first three types are special.  The fast food and […]


5 Savory Gluten-Free Snacks Hiding In Most Grocery Markets

The game has ended. Tournament over. Our kids have lost but coach wants to see everyone for a quick meeting before we leave… “We have another game in an hour.” coach says.  What? What are we going to do? We aren’t ready for this! This was turning out to be some kind of day. We […]

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The Secret to Making Fluffy Gluten-Free Pancakes

What if our friends hate our pancakes? The Thanksgiving morning test… By the time our inaugural Thanksgiving morning neighborhood brunch came along, I had about 6 years of experience making pancakes. But what would the neighbors think? After all, they were not gluten-free… There was only one way to find out! But first, let’s go […]

Gluten-Free for Beginners

Where to Find Gluten Free Foods in the Grocery

What we are going to do is walk a new path through the grocery together. And after you’ve done this a few times, well, you’re brain will already be settling into a new ‘auto-pilot’ mode…

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4 Foods That Contain Gluten (The First One May Surprise You!)

Having to suddenly transform your child’s diet to be gluten-free is kind of like having to learn how to ride a bike without the help of training wheels…These tips will help you get rolling and avoid a few pitfalls along the way. Gluten is a sneaky one…and by that I mean that gluten can be […]

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Will Gluten Free Flour Thicken a Sauce

The question inevitably comes up if you are eating (or serving) gluten-free: what can I use to thicken gravy or sauce or stew… Most recipes call for flour as a thickening agent. But gluten-free flour does NOT always work well (in my experience)… The reason it does not work well is because a) most gf […]

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Starbucks Gluten Free Options

Does Starbucks have a gluten free menu? Find out here…

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Are Cheerios Gluten Free?

General Mills hit some headwinds when people started getting sick from GF Cheerios…

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How to Tell if a Food Is Gluten-Free

I just finished updating one of the most popular (in terms of page-views) posts on this website – our post on gluten-free infant and toddler foods – and it brought up something that’s important to share… It’s the question of how to tell if a food is gluten-free… There’s really only one totally safe and […]

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