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Borriello Brothers Makes A Delicious Gluten Free Pizza

On Saturday our entire family enjoyed pizza delivery — one 9 inch gluten free cheese pizza and a 16 inch thin crust glutenous maximous.    We were impressed with both and  for us at Happy Gluten Free, it sure was nice to have Grandpa and grand daughter be able to enjoy hot, tasty pizza delivery without any one having to make something “special”  in the kitchen.

The pizza came from Borriello Brothers.   They have five locations in the Colorado Springs area.   You can dine in, take-out or have the pizza delivered.  While the online menu does not reflect the gluten free pizza as an option, the gentleman taking my order thought they should have this updated within the month.   The 9 inch cheese cost roughly $10.00 and each additional topping is $1.00 more.

The gluten free pizza came on parchment paper and was labeled in multiple places on the outside of the box gluten free.  The crust was light and crisp with just the right amount of sauce and cheese.     This is definitely a new favorite!

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We tried the gluten free delivery from Borriello’s last night. It was the best we have had that we didn’t make ourselves on a purchased GF crust. Having delivery made it even better. It did seem to have a dusting of something on the bottom of the crust that was flour like but we’re hoping they considered that and made sure it was gluten free.

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