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Celiac Disease and Stomach Flu… or was it Gluten?

Question:  When is stomach flu not just stomach flu?

Answer:  When you have Celiac Disease!

I’m home today with our daughter – she got sick twice this morning.  She most likely has the stomach flu – this is the season for it.  But what if she got gluten?  I just got comfortable that our daughter’s school had worked out a good system for ensuring our kids eat gluten free.

I’ve analyzed yesterday’s complete menu.  No gluten.  I’ve  asked my daughter in many different ways if she thinks she got gluten at school yesterday.  No, no, and no.

I guess there’s only one thing left to do:  Relax, it is just stomach flu…

If this kind of stomach bug continues though…

then it could well be that either she is getting gluten in some food we regularly serve…

We see this in our Parents of Gluten Free Kids group on Facebook – where a child is having a reaction and it turns out to be cross contamination – or one of the cereals that turns out to not always be gluten-free (even though it is labeled as such)

…keep an eye on it!

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I know the feeling….my daughter & I are both Celiacs and sometimes I tend to blame most ailments as having to do with Celiac and a weaker immune system. There are so many things attributed to Celiac and there are hundreds of symptoms and related issues, but sometimes it’s just good old fashioned germs affecting us…yet you always wonder. :^)

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