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Coquette Creperie Brings Gluten Free Dinning to A New Level

If you are looking for a great restaurant that not only serves gluten free items but strives to be entirely gluten free, you should try Coquette Creperie in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

For those familiar with downtown Colorado Springs, the unique unassuming yet ahead-of-the-trend feel at Coquette fits with the atmosphere of the town.  For any one who has not yet visited this tourist haven, plan a full day visit including a meal at Coquette’s.  This allows you to visit some of the local sites (Manitou Incline/Cog Railroad, Miramount Castle, Garden of the Gods, Air Force Academy), stop in the wide selection of stores (don’t miss Commonwheel Artists Co-op) and enjoying incredible food that even the pickiest of none gluten free eaters will enjoy.

Coquette Creperie Brings Gluten Free Dinning to A New Level

On our recent visit, our party of 6 each enjoyed a different choice from the  diverse crepe selections – all of which were pronounced “great”.  From a Cajun crepe filled with shrimp, onion, tomato and a cream sauce to an Indian chicken with coconut curry sauce and the Italian themed Bada Bing or GF chorizo filled Latin lover.  We found the sweet crepe we split for dessert to be prepared in the traditional French manner – reliant on the sweetness of the fruit instead of filled with additional sugar.

Coquette even offer a kidde menu with such options as peanut butter and jelly and chocolate and banana.  These are served with kid friendly sides of fruit – our kids loved the thinly sliced apples and orange spheres.

This will be a new favorite for us… we encourage others to try it, but be prepared to wait as even at lunch on a cool Saturday it has a crowd.

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