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Enjoy a Happy Gluten Free Weekend in Crested Butte

We just returned from a wonderful weekend in Crested Butte, Colorado enjoying the fall aspens and last few days of summer.    We also found some wonderful gluten free options we thought we would share for those thinking of heading that direction.

Donita’s Cantina330 Elk Ave  (970) 349-6674
 This tasty Mexican restaurant on Elk Ave. has been a long time favorite of ours and continues to be a favorite for happy gluten free dining.  While it does not have a specific gluten free menu, the food is made fresh, thus the cooks and owners are very knowledgeable about what is in each menu selection.   We would recommend that for your first visit try to hit an off peak time (ie not Friday night dinner) and ask to speak with one of the owners – Kay or Heli Mae.   They will be happy to take a few minutes to review the menu and offer suggestions of food options available to you. 

Brick Oven Pizzeria :  223 Elk Ave (970) 349-5044

Gluten free pizza is new to the Brick Oven this year, but having enjoyed many past afternoons on their beautiful patio we definitely wanted to try it.   Made locally by Completely Gluten Free, these 10 inch thin crust pizzas were delicious.    Any of the many toppings are available  and the staff was remarkedly knowledgable about the crusts.   (We were nervous when the pizza came out as we are used to it being served on parchment paper/in a pan and this wasn’t. Our waiter explained that it was cooked directly on the rack while all the regular gluten pizzas are baked in pans.)   The Brick also notes on its menu that they have Wood Chuck on tap.

Mountain Earth Whole Foods:  405 4th Street (970)349-5131

This small grocery store has a wide selection of great gluten free products including national favorites like Pamela’s Pancake mix, Annie’s gluten free mac and cheese, and Kinnicki sandwich bread.  The store tries to post gluten free labels around and clerks will be happy to help you find items.

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