Fall Weather Led Me To Great Gluten Free Soups

As the nights here in Colorado get cooler, I always begin to feel in the mood for soups and chilis.   So I began the hunt for some gluten free options – so far I have found some amazing options from Kettle Cuisine.  (I have founds these soups at Sprouts Market but will update after I look in other freezer isles more closely).

So far I have tried the Angus Beef Steak Chili with Beans and the Grilled Chicken and Corn Chowder.   Both were amazing on many levels!   Often I have found frozen lunches, and even more so with gluten free lunches, to be a bit bland and small portioned.   These taste great and are filling.   Bring along some cheese and GF crackers and it is almost like eating at home!

All Kettle Cuisine soups are gluten free and made with all natural, high quality ingredients.   While these might not be appropriate for those looking for low sodium, they are great for those watching carbs or trying to watch their glycemic index/protein intake.

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