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4 Fun & Gluten-Free Ways to Use Whipped Cream

We use whipped cream a lot of different ways at our house…

Recently, while visiting a restaurant in Crested Butte, Colorado, we came across the most creative use for whipped cream yet (we’ll share it below!)

In this post, you’ll find some fun and delicious ways to use whipped cream plus we’ve also started an album on our Facebook page where we’ll share other whipped cream ideas…why not join in the fun by liking our Page and sending us your own photo?

Okay here we go…

Use Whipped Cream Instead of Icing

whipped cream frosting


Bear with us on this. Since we’re gluten-free…and since there are constantly birthday parties and school parties and the like…we sometimes keep a few “unfrosted” cupcakes in the freezer so we can pull them out individually when needed.

However, we don’t always have frosting nor is there time to make any…

So pull out the whipped cream and voila!

Also, Karen makes a 4th of July cake complete with white cake, strawberries and blueberries all laid out in the form of an American flag. It’s beautiful.

And the frosting? Whipped cream!

Make a “Snow Day”

whipped cream in a glass

Okay, remember when I mentioned that restaurant in Crested Butte earlier…

Well, here’s what they have on the kids menu: a “Snow Day”.

A snow day is basically a glass full of whipped cream (served with a spoon).

Wow! The kids loved that one.

So did we! Way to get creative!

That’s an easy one to have at home too…

Make A Fancy Coffee Drink At Home

whipped cream on coffee

Whipped cream isn’t just for hot cocoa drinkers at home…

Starbucks puts whipped cream on like three-quarters of their drinks!

You can do the same! If you have some whipped cream sitting in the fridge, why not add a dollup to your coffee tomorrow morning?

Then sprinkle a little cinnamon or nutmeg on top…

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Happy Gluten Free