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Gluten Free at Colorado Rockies – Section 147

I went with some friends to the Rockies / Cardinals game on September 25 and the Rockies won a close and exciting game 2 – 1.  The game was my first chance to try out the relatively new Gluten Free concession stand at Coors Field.

First impressions were very good.  There were more than 48,000 in attendance at the game – so most concession stands had long lines.  The gluten free stand was no exception.  I went for my food between the fifth and sixth innings and had to wait a solid 15 + minutes in line.

The concession stand is in a great location in Section 147 – it is off the main walkway slightly so the line forms in such a way that you can still look out toward the stadium.

Of course, I had to have a hot dog – this was a baseball game! I added a RedBridge gluten free beer to the tab and was glad to see a plate of  Deby’s Gluten Free Brownies available for samples. Those brownies make a nice before dinner treat! Speaking of Deby’s, they provide the gluten free breads and treats served at the concession stand.

The hot dog was served up in classic stadium frank style.  I had little concern for cross contamination because the concession stand is dedicated gluten free. Even the bulk ketchup and mustard pumps are clearly labeled gluten free.  And because the gluten free concession stand is just out of the way of other stands, there is less risk of cross contamination at the condiments table.

It seems apparent that some planning was involved in the process of introducing and locating this stand. As I mentioned, it is dedicated gluten free and the condiments are out of the way of other concessions.  In addition, they teamed up with a trustworthy local partner in Deby’s.  Together, these things made it easy to stay focused on the game instead of my meal.  All in all, a very good experience.

A sincere thank you to the Colorado Rockies organization, ARAMARK, and Rockies fans who requested a gluten free option.

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