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Gluten Free Betty Crocker Mixes Review

Betty Crocker recently introduced a set of four gluten free mixes – brownie, chocolate chip cookie, chocolate devil’s food cake, and yellow cake. MyBlogSpark, in connection with Betty Crocker, sent the set of four mixes to us so we could review them.

Note that we made these on separate occasions and in both cases, we chose to do cupcakes because they are easier for us to store and serve.  Also, we live in Colorado at an altitude just over 6,000 feet.

All four mixes proved easy to make with clear instructions on the box. Our three year old daughter (who likes baking with us) enjoyed the tiny illustrations of each necessary ingredient drawn on the box.

Let’s start with the cake mixes.  Both showed great loft out of the oven and maintained it as they cooled. Consistency was firm but moist.  The chocoloate devil’s food cake had a nice smooth taste that reminded me of my mom’s screwball chocolate cake.  The yellow cake was less rich and lacked a distinctive flavor.  However, even for the skilled gluten free baker accomplishing these characteristics can be quite a challenge! Betty Crocker has seemingly made it possible.

The cookie mix produced good cookies.  The mix comes with chocolate chips included which is nice, however, I usually like to add a little less chocolate chips than the recipe calls for.  The cookies had good consistency – not too brittle or thin.  My preference is still chocolate chip cookies made with Pamela’s mix and recipe but these are a close second and definitely easier to make.

Last but not least, the brownies.  Betty Crocker gluten free brownie mix produced less than stellar brownies.  Having only made them once, I’m not going to put the blame on the mix. I know from experience that making great gluten free brownies is challenging. Our brownies didn’t rise much and the consistency was not right. We will try again and update this post with results – my guess is that we need to tweak the baking temperature a little.

The introduction of Betty Crocker mixes is significant. They are quality mixes and best of all, they come with one of the most prominent distribution networks in the world – meaning they will be widely and consistently available.  These mixes make it easy to bake quality desserts!

If you are interested in getting a coupon for a free box, please call  1-800-446-1898.  You can also obtain additional information there about all of General Mills  gluten free products.

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