Gluten Free Cafe in East Ellsworth

You will likely find a Gluten Free Cafe here in East Ellsworth,  Wisconsin but it may take a little patience!

Read this, because we’ve got some good suggestions.

Several establishments have gluten-free options even though there is no mention of it on the apps or on Google.

If you see a restaurant that looks or sounds appealing, reach out to them and ask if they have anything GF!

And if you find one with gluten-free, check with your wait person where else in town they recommend!

From Yelp!

Business Name Rating Categories Phone Number Address
Mandy’s Coffee & CafeMandy's Coffee & Cafe
26 reviews
Cafes, Breakfast & Brunch, Juice Bars & Smoothies +16518002026 419 W 3rd St, Red Wing, MN 55066
Chef ShackChef Shack
9 reviews
Cafes +17155943232 W6379 Main St, Bay City, WI 54723
Wisteria Twig TeaWisteria Twig Tea
43 reviews
Coffee & Tea, Salad +16512764616 Pottery Pl, 2000 Old West Main, Red Wing, MN 55066
105 reviews
Gastropubs, Coffee & Tea, American (Traditional) +16512126494 219 Bush St, Red Wing, MN 55066
Chickadee Cottage CafeChickadee Cottage Cafe
32 reviews
Cafes, Breakfast & Brunch +16513455155 317 N Lakeshore Dr, Lake City, MN 55041

(note: sometimes, we are unable to get listings – apologies if none appeared)

Look For Gluten Free Cafe In A Smartphone App

Have a smartphone? Try the Find Me Gluten Free app. It is helpful for finding user-contributed gluten-free options! Look for it in the app store.

A good thing about this app is that it local and national chains. The restaurants are rated by how safe they are for people with celiac disease.

Not Seeing Any Options? Here’s What To Do

Occasionally there is no Gluten Free Cafe for one reason or another. So what to do?

East Ellsworth has supermarkets and fuel stations which will help you out. Here you can find foods like chips, protein drinks, popcorn, cheese, and lots of other options. I offer a free ebook with 1,879 gluten-free foods on this site. Look for it – it’s free!

Have A Plan

Being spontaneous and gluten-free is hard!

Don’t let yourself get in situations where you are hungry but are not sure where to go for food!

That almost always leads to bad decisions!

These are some of tips:

  1. Keep a couple gluten free nutrition bars in your purse in case.
  2. Find time to do some research. Come up with a few Gluten Free Cafe options.
  3. If you’re new to a Gluten Free Cafe in East Ellsworth , stay with foods that are most likely gluten-free – meats, salads, fruits and that kind of thing. It may not be the best time to try gluten-free pasta or cake – if you’ve not been there before!
  4. Lastly, eat out at off-peak times. Plan dinner earlyish or try for a late lunch. Show up when you can have the complete attention of your wait person and the cooks aren’t overwhelmed.

Check About Gluten Free Cafe On Social Media

If you like Facebook or not, you’ll find some massive GF groups on it. These groups are free to join. Once in the group, you can ask for recommendations on Gluten Free Cafe options in East Ellsworth.

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