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Whether you are looking for candy for your child’s class or just to share at home, there are lots of store bought gluten free options available.    Some of our favorites include:

Where possible, I have linked the candy to its manufacture’s website that provides information about the gluten free status of that item,  the company’s gluten free options or their general allergen statement.

We have also found that other parents, teachers or co-workers really are willing to help accommodate those with allergies if you provide them with the request at least a few days ahead of time and try to include specific gluten free options that are readily available at most stores.   In the past, we were shy about asking.  I think this was partly out of concern that this was a burden or inconvenience to others, but partly because we were not yet comfortable ourselves with the restrictions.  However, as we have gotten comfortable talking about celiac and being gluten free,  we have come to realize that when given the opportunity most people actually enjoy finding “special” items.   My belief is everyone understands feeling left-out or different from some experience in their life and, especially when children are involved, feels good helping others feel included.

We also think it helps that we are sure to show our appreciation and have our daughter do so as well when gluten free items are brought as well as have our own special stash of things in case they aren’t!

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