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Owner Chris Fiala adds a personal touch to her gluten free product line based in Crested Butte, CO.   From delicious dumplings and gnocchi to pancake, cookie and biscuit mixes, Completely Gluten Free offers a tasty selection of great gluten free products.

Deby’s is a gluten free grocery and bakery  located in Denver, Co.  Deby’s makes over 400 different gluten free items including take and heat items to mixes and flours.   We particularly enjoy Deby’s muffins and their ravioli.  They used to make delicious pizza hot pockets but apparently didn’t sell enough of them to continue — let’s try to bring these tasty treats back.

This Colorado based company sells treats that are not only gluten free but “grain free” (no rice, corn, wheat, etc) and they also try to make the treats “good for you” by adding natural ingredients that have fiber and protein such as nuts, beans  and seeds.  We absolutely love their Trios chocolate brownie – a gluten free bite of heaven! (Warning: products may contain nuts, dairy and soy!! Not necessarily allergy free…) Their website lists where you can buy the products in the Denver metro area and you can get them online too!

We just learned of this Denver area new comer at a special tasting of their goodies this past weekend.   We tried delicious carrot cake, tasty red velvet cupcakes and an assortment of cookies.   While this company’s facilities are dedicated gluten free, they do not have a “store front” so orders are by phone 303-868-4860 or email only.

This gem of a bakery is a dedicated gluten-free, wheat-free, and nut-free bakery located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  It has a wonderful selection of breads, crackers, cookies, buns and pizza crusts.   Their imagine pizza crusts deserve an extra mention as they are the best pre-made crusts we have found and come in person (perfect for kids to use to make their own pizza) and large (the only “family” size pre-made we have found!).  We  also  love their bagels (which are great in the morning or for sandwiches),  and jalepano chedder crackers.  It is with sadness we report they are no longer doing cakes — ask for them with every order and maybe they’ll bring them back!

The Rheinlander Bakery in Arvada, CO has been making delicious baked goods since 1967.  In 2001, after being diagnosed with cancer, co-owner Maro Dimmer developed the Sweet Deliverance line of baked goods that are low carb and gluten free.   Their delicious cakes have been hits at our daughter’s birthday parties — everyone wanted to know where the cake came from as they are beautiful and tasty!  This is a great bakery for diabetics as well as celiacs!

Gluten Free Goodies

A local Colorado Belgian style chocolate store with delicious gluten free chocolate options.    You can order online or stop in at any of the local shops.  They are always happy to help you select options that work for any dietary or allergy restriction.    We loved their chocolate eggs at Easter, a chocolate treasure box for the birth of our son and look forward to special holiday treats this fall/winter.

This specialty cake store off Castle Pines Parkway makes several flavors of gluten free bundt cake in a variety of sizes and with lots of decorative options for any special occasion.   With at least two flavors of the 3 inch GF cakes in stock every day, this is an easy dessert to grab on the way to a party or to treat your loved ones at home.

This downtown Denver bakery offers one flavor of gluten free cupcakes daily as well as a selection of gluten free cupcakes and cakes by special order.   If you arrive early enough, you might get extra lucky like we did and get to choose the flavor and frosting color — pink in honor of my daughter’s and brighten your celiac child’s day by ensuring she has a treat too!

One thing most adult celiacs miss is the taste of a good beer.  You need not wait any longer.  New Planet has successfully made a great tasting beer with Treat Lightly Ale.   They also produce several other good GF brews as well.

If you are looking for a great bold gluten free BBQ sauce, try Sauce Goddess’s Big and Tangy sauce.   Her rubs are also gluten free… and we hope if we really push, she will work on making all of her tasty sauces with tamari instead of wheat containig soy sauce.

Blog/List Serve

  • The Enabling Support Foundation – Celiac Website and Listserve(s):

This is an amazing resource for those with celiac or gluten intolerance of any type.  This list serve is an amazing community of individuals who have a great depth of knowledge and offer support of all types.   In our humble opinion, joining is a must for any happy gluten free individual.


  • Edward Hoffenberg, The Children’s Hospital (Colorado)

Finding a good doctor to help with diagnosis and ongoing issues is critical for any individual with celiac disease.   We were very lucky to have found Dr. Hoffenberg who specializes in Pediatric Gastroenterology when we first new “something” was wrong.  In addition to his knowledge, Dr. Hoffenberg has a good sense of humor and helpful nurses.

Grocery Stores

We have been pleasantly surprised, and quite pleased, with the increase in gluten free offerings by our local King Soopers (Kroger) stores.   It is wonderful to be able to get Ian’s GF Chicken Nuggets, Udi’s GF Cinnamon rolls, and Enviro Kid GF Cereals while on a regular grocery run.  We also like that Mix 1 GF Nutrtional Beverages are available by the case.  King Soopers also seems to be working hard to label gluten free items on the shelves and have gluten free freezer sections.  Often there is a list of the gluten free offerings available at the customer service desk.  But my favorite thing is that most employees seem to be aware of what gluten means and work to help you find products or get answers to questions instead of looking at you like you got something caught in your throat when you ask for “gluten free”.

Sprouts Farmers Market is fairly new to Colorado but we are enjoying its gluten free offerings as well as fresh local produce.   We have only visited the Parker, CO location but found the individuals there helpful and that they have always had an abundance of their gluten free information on hand.   An added plus is that Sprouts works hard to label gluten free items – while not everything is labeled this does help you spot new offerings you might not have know about before.

Whole Foods has long been a great specialty/natural foods store that offers gluten free choices.   Their offerings are diverse and updated often.  Several of the stores conduct regular gluten free tours to show where the gluten free offerings are as well as offer tastings.  Whole Foods has its own line of frozen gluten free baked goods including bread and pie crusts.

While Vitamin Cottages (Natural Grocer) were started as a supplement chain, their grocery sections have now expanded to usually carry a wide variety of gluten free offerings.    While we have found the staff to not be quite as knowledgeable as at Whole Foods about what gluten free items each store carries, we still have great success finding GF pasta, cookies and frozen goods.    Some of the Vitamin Cottages are even carrying items now from the Colorado Spring GF bakery, Outside the Bread Box. 

Sporting Events/Stadiums

During the summer of 2009 Aramark at Coors Field began providing an all gluten free booth outside of Section 147, across from Buckaroos on the main concourse.  Options include: chicken sandwiches, hamburgers and hot dogs all on GF buns, brownies, cookies, potato chips, pretzels & Redbridge beer.   If the long lines are any indication, having an option like this at sporting events is making lots of folks happy!

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