Gluten-Free Grillin’ Cookbook!


Gluten Sensitive People Who Love Delicious Food But Don’t Want To Get Sick Eating It”


From The Kitchen Of: Jim Shirley

Wednesday 4:44 PM

Dear friend,

Do you love flavor?

How about grilling?

Are you tired of eating bland foods made from the same old recipes?

Well, I’ve got something special for you.

See, I ran into those same issues. I love BIG flavor. And I love grilling. And I got stuck in a rut cooking the same old meals over and over again…

The reason was at least partly due to my concern over getting gluten.

As you may know, gluten hids in all sorts of foods. And it especially is known to be in bold grilling spices and marinades.

I just couldn’t risk it…

For a long time – too long – I just plain avoided spices and marinades in my food. Even my kids got tired of my meals.

So finally one day I decided to get serious about finding a way to bring flavor back into my cooking…

And what I ended up with was the start to this cookbook…

Hey, it was fun! I was addicted!

Finally, my cooking came back to life. In fact, I started sharing some of my cooking with friends and neighbors and they loved it too!

That’s when I knew I was on to something…

So I started researching how to write a cookbook

And that led me to discover A LOT of other gluten-free cookbooks.

In fact, I figured after one trip to the library that I would never write a cookbook. I mean, what could I possibly add that the great chefs hadn’t already though of?

I stopped working on it and just went back to enjoying experimenting with new recipes.

Then it occurred to me: what about a cookbook full of recipes for grilling?

It turns out, no one was doing what I was on the grill – or at least they hadn’t put it on paper yet 😉

The Gluten-Free Grilling Companion was born

I could go on and on about how I came to write this book…But you probably want to know what’s inside! So let me tell you about it:

  • Now first of all, this cookbook includes recipes for appetizers, sides, and desserts to go along with the main course – so you can relax and not have to worry about what else you’re going to serve with those mouth-watering Pineapple Island Burgers!
  • Yes, there are BIG BOLD recipes in here for Burgers, Fish, Steak, Chicken, Sausage. I’m getting hungry just writing this…
  • But this is NOT just a recipe book for heartattacks – there are Salad recipes, Sandwich recipes, Soups, and even the Banana Plantation Picnic Salad
  • Everything is written out in plain language that is easy to understand – so you don’t have to worry about getting any recipe wrong
  • Unlike those other recipe books These recipes are made to be customized – so if you like to tweak and test and pinch here and not measure there, then you’re going to love these meals
  • No matter what time of year it is, there are recipes in here that you can enjoy…

 How Much?

I know what’s on your mind…you want to know how much!

Because at this point, if you’re still reading this you’re at least a little bit interested and the only thing that could keep you from buying this book right now is if it costs too much!

I want to make sure that doesn’t happen. I want to make sure you can get this book.

And as you know, this offer is only for people on my email list. If you’re not an email subscriber of mine, then you can’t get this book. Period. That’s how it is for most of my products.

Great recipes are something you share with your family and close friends – they’re not something to just put out on the internet for anyone to buy or steal.

So I’ve priced this book at $11.95.

All you have to do is click the Buy Now button below…

And yes, this is an electronic book so it will be delivered to you immediately after you pay – even if it is 10:30PM.

Gluten-Free Grillin' Cookbook!

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Gluten-Free Grillin' Cookbook!
Happy Gluten Free