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Great Gluten Free All Purpose Flour Mix

It is tough to find a gluten free flour that you can subsitute easily in place of  “regular” flour.  Usually the taste, look and texture change with the change(s) in flour.

We have finally happily settled in with Eating Gluten Free’s All Purpose Flour Mix.    We have used it mostly in breakfast dishes, like dutch babies and roll-up pancakes which GF pancakes mixes don’t work for,  but have also used the flour successfully to make chocolate chip cookies and banana bread as well as tossing in a few teaspoons or tablespoons for flour when called for in marinades or sauces.

We do not always add the xantham gum as recommended on the package but to each their own – getting gluten free foods to your liking is always an experiment.  We hope to get more adventurous soon and try bread and some other cookie types as well as experiment with their cookbook, but for now are happy with having something on hand that makes for easy baking.

We tried Eating Gluten Free’s All Purpose Flour for the first time at Denver’s Gluten Free Fair last June.  This annual event held at El Jebel in June  is a great place to sample new gluten free products, particularly those, like Eating Gluten Free, that may not be readily available in your local grocery stores.

I am blogging about this great company today because  they are having a great sale right now.   For more information visit their website at  Their website also has lots of recipes and some great pointers about gluten free cooking!

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