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Gluten-Free Ingredient May Cause Allergic Reaction

Gluten-Free Ingredient May Cause Allergic Reaction

A popular legume used in other countries is showing up in more U.S. gluten-free products. A Kansas State University food safety specialist explains why people with peanut and soybean allergies need to be cautious.


IMPORTANT – especially for those with kids in classrooms where there is a nut allergy…

“Lupin is a yellow-colored bean that’s very popular in Europe, Mediterranean countries, Australia and New Zealand,” said Karen Blakeslee, Kansas State University extension specialist in food science and coordinator of the Rapid Response Center. “However, it is new to the United States and because of that, many consumers have never heard of it and may not realize that lupin has the same protein that causes allergic reactions to peanuts and soybeans.”

*This was originally posted a few years ago and I am honestly not aware of issues that arose from it…however, it’s worth leaving it posted just in case.*

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