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While you wait for those emails to arrive I want to let you in on a little secret.

As I’ll mention in the welcome email, occasionally, I will introduce you to various products or courses I’ve created to help you live a happy healthy gluten-free life. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to happen often. But I do sell stuff so I can help fund the time and costs involved with publishing and running my gluten-free websites.

And sometimes I include – (this is the secret) – a picture of a purple elephant at the bottom of the page near the ‘Buy’ button…

Whenever you see that purple elephant – click it and you will get a lower price.

For example, on my How To Go Gluten-Free Course 2.0 sales page, the price of the book is $7.

When you click the purple elephant near the bottom of that page a PayPal checkout window will open with the special price.

Give it a try! (You’re not committed to buying anything – even when the checkout page opens you can hit the ‘back button on your browser window).

Click here to view the How To Go Gluten-Free 2.0 Course book page (and look for the special purple elephant).

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Happy Gluten Free