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Versatile Chebe Cinnamon Roll Mix Makes A Great Saturday Breakfast Treat

This morning we tried Chebe Cinnamon roll mix — and it meets with Happy Gluten Free approval.

It was easy to mix up and allows for a diary/casein free option.   It comes with a number of easy alternate suggestions for shapes, filling additions and toppings.

I do think that the final baked “rolls” will improve with practise with the dough. For example, I tried to make a few twists but need to roll the dough a bit thinner to have them come out crispy all the way through and the ones I filled with a brown sugar-cinnamon mix cracked and spilled their insides.   However, both my daughter and I enjoyed choosing what types of shapes to make and the whole family thought they were delicious!

We were able to buy this mix at our local King Soopers off Founders in Castle Rock.  It was very reasonably priced as well, which is an added bonus since often gluten free mixes can be pricey.

Check out more Chebe products at:

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