Gluten-Free Meals

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Gluten-free meals

Do you dread Sunday’s because it means looking ahead to the next week to plan gluten-free meals?


It seems like the moment you think about it, all creativity evaporates, all memory of those wonderful meals you’ve been meaning to try disappears.

Well, next time that happens, you can refer back to this page for all kinds of great gluten-free meal ideas.

We hope you enjoy! Please let us know your thoughts on these and add any others via the comments at the end of the page!

Since there are quite a few meals, here is a table of contents so you can just click through to the meal section you want.

Gluten-free breakfast meals

Make fruit a part of your regular breakfast plan. Fruit is easy and fast.

If you are watching your sugar intake, berries are better than the other fruits.

Watch for what is in season. No matter what, fruit that comes from nearby and is in-season where you live is going to taste great and be the best for you.

  1. Pancakes – these are super easy to make and pretty hard to screw up. No wonder I like them so much. We use the Pamela’s Gluten-Free Pancake Mix.
  2. Cheesy Omelette
  3. Berry smoothie
  4. Breakfast tacos
  5. Crepes
  6. Gluten-free coffee cake
  7. French toast
  8. Waffles

We will add to this list over time.

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 Gluten-free lunch meals

Lunch is a great time to get your vegetables – especially the green leafy things.

And what makes the best green leafy lunch? Salad does!

Salad is so versatile. You can add meats, vegetables, gluten-free croutons, dressing, cheese, and on and on.

Plus, eating vegetables at lunch will help keep you awake through the long afternoon hours. Whereas eating a lunch heavy in carbohydrates – like a sandwich or slice of pizza, will generally cause you to feel tired and weak in the afternoon.

Time to hop off the soap box.

Okay, we have several good lunch options here (and no, they aren’t all salad or healthy).

  1.  3 cheese pasta bake. Oh yeah, this is the opposite of eating light at lunch. This bake will fill you right up and it tastes great. Put the calculator away – you don’t want to count the calories in this one.
  2. Asian coleslaw
  3. Peanut butter and honey sandwiches
  4. Cheese and fruit plate
  5. Broccoli cheese soup
  6. Chicken and spinach salad
  7. Strawberry salad
  8. Tomato basil pasta
  9. Grilled cheese and tomato soup

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Gluten-free dinner meals

Most of us can get by with breakfast and lunch meals that are put together at the last minute. But dinner is different.

What makes dinner different is that it is the one meal that you really get the most out of when you plan it. You get the most enjoyment and the most nutrition when it is planned ahead.

These are some dinner meal ideas you can begin using right away:

  1. Ground beef tacos. One of our favorite meals is tacos. They are pretty darn easy to make and they are a really nice gluten-free meal. Plus it is a great excuse to break out the margaritas. 
  2. Beef burgundy
  3. Chicken cacciatore
  4. Chicken enchiladas
  5. Grilled salmon
  6. Meatloaf
  7. Teriyaki chicken

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