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Allergaroo Pastas Make Gluten Free Quick Kid Friendly Meals

It has been about a year and half since our daughter was diagnosised with celiac.   During that time we have had ups and downs in finding kid friendly food, especially quick easy meals.   We just recently discovered Allergaroo’s pastas, which  provide easy, healthy,  gluten free meals in a microwaveable pouch.   (You can cook them on the stove top too)  And to top that off they taste great!  Our daughter ate the whole package of spy glass noodles – complaining when I grabbed a noodle to sample.

These are a wonderful option for travel – both for kids and adults – since they don’t require refrigeration until open and have enough variety of food groups you can feel good about eating just the pasta for a meal.

You can order their products online as well as search for stores that carry them in your area.  We are lucky that King Soopers through out Colorado have begun to cary this brand. Check out Allergaroo at

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