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Einstein Brothers in Colorado Offering Gluten Free Bagels

If you haven’t heard, it is true!! Gluten free bagels at a regular bagel place!

We were lucky enough to be invited by our friend Gluten Free Dee to one of the tastings of the new gluten free bagels that are now being offered by Einstein Bros. Bagels.   We found the bagels to have a great taste and good texture, even untoasted.  We loved that they came presliced and looked like the “real” deal.  It appears as if most of the cream cheese there is also gluten free – we had the tasty seasonal pumpkin.   Sweet enough for kids to love!

Einstein’s will be offering the bagels at three of its Colorado locations  –  the Highlands Ranch store on University and Colorado, the Denver store at Yale and Colorado Blvd and the Broomfield store on 120th.  

The bagels are made by Udi’s and sold in six packs stocked in the refrigerated section of the store.   They will be priced very reasonably at $8.99 – the same price they sell their regular Gourmet Bagels.   However,  at this time, Einstein’s is really testing to see if folks will buy GF bagels — they haven’t yet prepared their facilities or staff to understand what gluten free means or address issues related to cross contamination.    So celiacs particularly need to be careful if you decide to eat your bagel at the restaurant.

But we think these are good enough to really encourage others to get out there and try!!!  And provide your feedback to the store about Einstein’s expanding this option and finding ways to allow the GF community to really have a bagel sandwich (we suggested a list of what of their meats/cheeses/toppings are GF and using toaster bags for toasting). 

It’s definitely is a great thing to see happening!

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Well hello there….
So I just found out you’ve been keeping this blog and I like it. I’m not gluten-free, although since turning Vegan a few years back (for various reasons, including reactions I have to lots of foods) I have plenty of issues finding appropriate foods. I also have friend who is has celiac and I’ll pass thing along to her as well.
Keep up the good work!
And no, I didn’t comment just to try to win the snack pack. : )

im always on a Gluten Free diet. i really hate my allergy to gluten because i love the taste of wheat bread. oh well, you just got to live with it.

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