5 Savory Gluten-Free Snacks Hiding In Most Grocery Markets

The game has ended. Tournament over.

Our kids have lost but coach wants to see everyone for a quick meeting before we leave…

“We have another game in an hour.” coach says. 


What are we going to do? We aren’t ready for this!

This was turning out to be some kind of day. We didn’t bring lunch. We didn’t expect to be playing a second game so soon. 

And we really wanted to get some salty snacks for our son who was out playing in the hot sun just to help get his sodium levels back up before the next game.

Time to get moving…

So we find the nearest grocery

By this time, we were pretty good at this gluten-free thing. We know that just about any grocery – even a gas station – will have a few savory snacks we can safely enjoy.

The question is…what do we look for? 

We want snacks that we can all enjoy – because we hungry too!

…but we don’t have a lot of time to waste looking around the store!

The first stop is the chip aisle 

The chip aisle is where we can knock out three of the five snacks we are looking for.

First we look for potato chips…

Lays regular potato chips are GF. Grab a bag and keep moving down the aisle…

Next up, we want tortilla chips…

Grab a bag of Tostitos regular rounds or restaurant style tortilla chips. Grab a bag and keep moving…

Now we want a bag of popcorn…

Okay, looking around for Smartfood. There it is…we like the White Cheddar flavor. Confirm it’s gluten-free – yep. Grab the bag and…

Now the aisle with nuts

One thing we all love is a good bag of Blue Diamond almonds. Preferably sea salted. The Smokehouse are good too. Both are gluten-free. Check the price…sometimes these are a little pricey…grab a bag and carry on.

Further down this aisle we see the crackers.

Great! Because the last item on our list is a box of Nut Thins. Our son loves the Cheddar Nut Thins…

Time to check out

Grab a couple of drinks and some water. 

Get checked out and back in the car. 

And just like that, we are back on the field everyone feeling a little happier.

Two messages 

The obvious message being communicated here is the five gluten-free savory snack ideas. 

Frankly, there are dozens of snack ideas but these are five that we actually buy regularly.

The second message is not as easy to spot – but it is right here in the article.

And that message is once you get a little more comfortable with eating gluten-free, handling a situation like this will not be overwhelming.

So hang in there and we’ll see you next time!

Happy Gluten Free