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Gluten Free Cinnamon Coffee Cake A Splendid Treat

So we finally tried the cinnamon coffee cake mix made by Gluten Free Pantry and will be having this delicious treat again!    The consensus was this cake is good enough to serve to guests and they wouldn’t even know if was gluten free.

With several options to choose from in added ingredients (buttermilk or yogurt – we did yogurt; nuts or no nuts – we didn’t add nuts but I did add flax because the mix has no fiber), you can tailor this to your preferences.    It does take an hour or so to bake so isn’t the best option for a last minute gathering or feeding kids who wake up hungry. But we found it tasted just as good for the two days we had any left over so you could easily bake it the night before and it did make the house smell delicious while it was cooking.

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