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Schlafly Bottleworks Gluten Free Dinner Option

I recently visited the Schlafly Bottleworks in St. Louis, MO for a business dinner and was surprised to see a gluten free entree on the menu! Schlafly is a craft brewery which, from what I have heard from local St. Louis friends, is not widely distributed outside of the greater St. Louis area.

Under the ‘Pastas and Grains’ section of the menu, you’ll find the Gluten-Free Bison Stroganoff.  This is a hearty and tasty meal!  The Bison gives it a unique although salty flavor.  The gluten free pasta is nice and the mushroom and onion sauce is quite powerful and flavorful.

Schlafly’s mentions on the menu that they “…offer provisions from as many local farmers and businesses as possible.”  The Bison is free-range.  Altogether, the meal has a distinct flavor and I would order it again.  Note, however, that this meal probably is not a good option for children.

Schlafly’s used to make a gluten free beer in 2006 – 2007 according to its’ website but stopped production of it because of lack of demand.  I can’t help feeling like they were just ahead of their time.  I hope they will try again in the near future – demand for gluten free options has skyrocketed in the past three years!

While I am glad to see the gluten free menu option, it was not apparent that any other item on the menu is gluten free.  Having been there for a business dinner, I couldn’t question the wait staff on the full extent of gluten free options available.  If you plan to try it, it would be worth calling in advance to check on gluten free salad, salad dressing, and desert options.  Anyway, the Gluten-Free Bison Stroganoff plus a glass of wine is more than enough to eat in one meal!

I will be providing a copy of this post to Schlafly’s and will update the post with any responses I receive!

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