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Starbucks Gluten Free Options

Does Starbucks have a gluten free menu? Find out here…

Friend: Let’s take the kids and and go to Starbucks – they can play and we can chat!

You: Ahhh….well…Let me get back to you in a few?

Then you jump online to check what gluten free options (if any!) are at Starbucks! Because…hey, it’s been crazy finding out that gluten is in everything!

Search up ‘Starbucks gluten-free’

And here you are.

So the first question is…

Does Starbucks Have a Gluten Free Menu?

Well, yes they do. It’s called the Starbucks Allergen Menu and it will tell you which coffee formulations have one of the gluten grains…

Spoiler Alert: any drink with Java Chips, Cereals, or Oat milk is a NO!! Those ingredients contain gluten so AVOID !

Get on the Starbucks website to find the most recent allergen menu…that one linked above is recent as of writing this, but things change!

There is no food menu…and if you search up something like ‘Starbucks gluten free food’ on Google, then you will see some results but they are not necessarily going to apply to your local Starbucks store…

The best thing is to bring your own snacks…and when you’re there ask some questions to find out what items your local store has available. But you can still get a coffee, a banana (or apple or pear), and juice boxes for the kids…

Ok…as mentioned earlier, the Oat Milk contains gluten – so avoid it.

And that may lead you to wonder…

Is Starbucks Coconut Milk Gluten Free?

Yes it is…the coconut milk is gluten free so you are good to go with that one…

The milk is gluten-free…

the soya milk is gluten-free.

So is the almond milk.

The whip cream is fine too BTW as long as you’re cool with dairy. And if you’re not cool with dairy, then I’ve seen some locations can make a non-dairy whip.

But here’s good advice:

Avoid sprinkles (of any kind) on top

And just know that…

The Flavored Syrups Are Gluten-Free?

In the past, getting answers about the gluten free status of the flavored syrups (any of them) was sort of like pulling teeth.

Not fun.

Fortunately, Starbucks has recently started listing the flavored syrups in the Allergen list and guess what?

The syrups, drizzles and sauces are all listed as gluten-free according to the latest list. AGAIN, check now to be sure.

So go ahead with your macchiato self…

We’ve personally enjoyed giving a ‘steamer’ (steamed milk with vanilla flavored syrup) to our daughter…and she has celiac disease.

It has never caused a problem…but now that she is a little older, she prefers a good tea.

The steamers are great…but if it’s for your child, just tell them ‘not too hot!’

Here are a few other gluten free ideas:

Starbucks Gluten Free Drinks

(Just remember, avoid the Oat Milk , Java chips, Cereal / cereal sprinkles, – really just avoid sprinkles)

These are gluten-free as of now:

  • Hot chocolate!
  • Berry Kiss Hot Chocolate
  • Chai Tea Latte /Iced Chai Tea Latte
  • Misto
  • Capuccino / Iced Capuccino
  • Americano / Iced Americano
  • Caffe Mocha / Iced Caffe Mocha
  • Caramel Macchiato

Let’s pause right here…because on some other sites you may see a warning that Caramel anything – including the Caramel Macchiato at Starbucks – are ones to avoid.

As of right now, I’m pulling this right off the Starbucks allergen list and it says the caramel is gluten-free.

Advice: get the latest info from Starbucks. Make your own informed decision.

Lastly, there are sooo many delicious seasonal coffee drinks…

I would check on the gluten-free status of those every season before you indulge since they are not part of the regular Starbucks allergen list.

So far, it’s been all about the coffee and drinks…what about

Gluten-Free Breakfast?

Starbucks gluten-free breakfast options vary.

At some locations, you may be able to get a gluten-free breakfast sandwich. Some locations also carry the egg bites…which are yummy.

If you find the egg bites or the gluten free breakfast sandwich, then you’ll notice they are packaged…or at least they should be. This is what keeps them safe from getting cross contaminated with gluten.

The key thing here is how your barista handles the heating and serving of the breakfast sandwich (or egg bite). Just make sure they are warming it up in the package (microwave it)…

And then you can take it from there…especially if you have celiac disease.

There are usually plenty of items gluten-free besides a warm breakfast sandwich…I say ‘plenty’ but let’s face it, Starbucks is not a breakfast joint…they specialize in coffee.

So if you need a big gluten free breakfast they maybe try somewhere else…But if you are happy with a nice coffee and light breakfast, then great!

Most Starbucks stores have a selection of snack bars – and usually one or two are gluten-free. So that is an option.

There’s always some fruit too. And hey that is good for you.

Another common question that comes up:

Is There Gluten in Starbucks Oatmeal?

The answer is yes…there probably is.

Oats are tricky because they are often processed / milled on the same lines as wheat.

So only certified gluten-free oats can really be trusted.

Better off getting something else like fruit…or if you need something sweet try the Marshmallow Dream Bar which is one of Starbucks gluten-free options.

The Marshmallow Dream Bar is NOT made with Rice Krispies (which are not trusted to be gluten-free).

They are still yummy though and go very well with hot chocolate.

But what to do in the afternoon..

Starbucks Gluten-Free Lunch

Let’s face it…Starbucks may not be your best option for lunch…especially being gluten free.

While they do have an occasional pre-packaged sandwich or two, I have never seen a gluten-free option.

You could always opt for the gluten free breakfast sandwich or an egg bite. Lots of protein in those.

Or bring your own sandwich and just get a coffee…

If it’s a warm day, you can enjoy many of the frappuccino drinks, but not all of them. Again, avoid the java chips, chocolate chips, oat milk, cereals, and sprinkles.


Getting back to where we started with a friend who wants to meet at Starbucks for coffee and the kids can play?

Gluten Free Options At Starbucks for Kids

Of course you can always just bring stuff for the kids to eat/drink (and save money)…

Or go for hot chocolate…because as we know, that’s gluten-free.

If your kids do not like hot drinks – or you just don’t want to risk it…

Then the snack bar area usually has a nice selection of bottled drinks like Horizon’s milks or juice and those are gluten-free and pre-packaged so you do not have to worry about your kid getting gluten from cross contamination.

No need to over think this!

There are plenty of options…

Wrapping Up

Make sure to grab the latest information from the Customer Service section on the Starbucks website

Tell your friend “…let’s do it!”

And get out there!

Happy Gluten Free