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Gluten Free With Grandma: A Few New Tricks

So we went away for the weekend to a friend’s wedding and left our kids with their grandparents.    They live fairly close so are pretty used to accommodating our gluten free diet and stayed at our house so were already surrounded by only gluten free choices.    The neat part worth sharing is the gluten free things they came up with on their own…

For example, while we know Chick-fil-a has a great gluten free menu, we did not know that you could actually order grilled chicken nuggets.   We have special ordered trays of their grilled chicken nuggets for parties, but when we go there we typically get one of the grilled chicken salads…

*Update: Chick-fil-a have been amazing with gluten-free for a few years now (since when we first published this post)

The grilled chicken nuggets may take a few extra minutes but thanks for this “secret” Nana and Pa.

Another fabulous trick that we were reminded about was how much kids love to pick fresh fruits and vegetables.

First, there is something intriguing about eating straight from the vine – even items you might not normally want.

This seems to apply to adults as well as to kids.   Plus snap peas, tomatoes and green beans grown in Nana and Pa’s garden do simply taste better!

Hearing the tales of all the veggie eating straight from our kids mouths, we feel re-inspired to have a full garden of our own next year — not just the two little pepper pots on the front porch that made it this year.

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veggies and fruits that are freshly picked and especially planted by your or a relative is definitely more tastier and healthier because of its freshness.. lucky you, you have the privilege of enjoying it.. 🙂

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